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Benbat Night and Day mirror

Benbat Night and Day mirror

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Fun in the car for your little one day or night with the Benbat Night & Day Car Mirror. In entertaining mode (day mode) there are 5 classic children's songs and in soothing mode (night mode) it plays 5 lullabies. Both modes also have LED lights that twinkle and light up in tune with the sounds. You also have a great view of your little one with the wide-angle mirror, and can control the different modes using the included remote control! Simply fix it to the headrest of the car seat and adjust using the feet to get a perfect angle and you are ready to go. There is also an auto shut off to save batteries, this activates after 15 minutes in all modes!

  • Crystal clear large display for safety
  • No leaning - control remotely
  • Can be fitted easily in most vehicles
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