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Hauck Alpha Click Tray-Grey (New)

Hauck Alpha Click Tray-Grey (New)

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The Alpha Click Tray is one of the accessories that goes with the hauck Alpha+ high chair and can be added to at any time. Thanks to its simple click system, the table can be quickly and easily attached to the Alpha+ wooden high chair with just one hand and without tools. This makes the growing wooden high chair even more flexible for you and your child at every meal.

Breakfast at the family table, lunch on the Alpha Click Tray. Attaching the tray to the Alpha+ high chair is so easy that you can quickly decide for each meal whether you want to use the high chair with or without a table. As soon as your baby can sit in the Alpha+ wooden high chair at around 6 months, it serves as your child's own dining table on the high chair. The spacious, versatile Alpha Click Tray has room for plates, mugs and cutlery. A raised rim stops food and toys from falling.

With the Alpha Click Tray you can eat and play wherever it is most beautiful. The lightweight yet robust Click Tray can be attached in seconds with just one hand. Ideal if you already have the plate in the other hand.

The high chair with table can be used anywhere in your home or, if you are outside, used there as well. After the meal, the table can be easily cleaned thanks to its smooth plastic surfaces and is ready for the next use.


  • Flexibly use the high chair either directly at the dining table or free-standing
  • Thanks to the click system, you can attach the Alpha Click Trays to the Alpha+ high chair in seconds without tools
  • Thanks to the raised edge, food and toys always stay in place
  • You can attach the handy, light Alpha Tray with one hand and have the other free for the plate
  • The smooth plastic surface is easy to clean, even when sticky hands wander over the tray
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