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Axkid One 2 + Car seat

Axkid One 2 + Car seat

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The new and improved Axkid One 2 + provides your little one with the best legroom on the market for extended rear-facing travel. Compact and secure, the Axkid One 2 + allows for rear-facing travel from 0 to 7 years old (61/125xm/23kg). 

What's new compared to the Axkid One +?

  • More than 150 updates
  • Improved function of the headrest
  • Improved fit of the textile fabric
  • More smooth harness routing
  • Ventilation holes added in the 0-3Y insert
  • An improved overall premium feeling all over the seat and its functions.

Built with a new and innovative design, the new Axkid One 2 + uses aluminium and hardened steel to make a protective frame to protect the seat in a cocoon type function. The seat also has been built with shock-absorbing materials to minimise crash forces upon impact. Developed with the ADAC in Germany, the Axkid One 2 + side impact protection has been designed to absorb and distribute forces in the event of a collision -resulting in higher protection from fatal injuries. 

The Axkid One 2 features sliding seat technology, allowing the front seat passengers additional space by pushing the seat back towards the backseat - all made possible by the seat's mounted rails that allow the seat to be adjusted back and forth for up to 30cm. The extra inlay provides infants extra support and with the adjusting seat angle, your infant can travel safely in this seat from day one. For older children, the protective frame technology can act as a handle so they may easily climb in and out of the seat themselves. The One 2 +'s oversize design of the anti-rotation bar means that there is extra legroom so they can travel comfortably all the way to the maximum age. 

Key Features

  • Extended rear-facing
  • Suitable from 0 to 7 years old
  • Dynamic legroom system 
  • Sliding seat technology 
  • Advanced sleep weel system 
  • 30-second installation 
  • Automatic rebound bar
  • Axkid Side Impact Protection 
  • The extra inlay for infants


Suitable age: 0 to 7 years
Suitable weight: 0-23 kg
Suitable height: 61-125 cm
Regulation: R-129 (i-Size)

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